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Who: Eric Doggett

Where: REAL Magazine

What: Shoot with Rob Thomas (the creator of the show Veronica Mars)

Watch a behind the scenes video and read what Eric Doggett had to say about the shoot below.

Rob Thomas Photo Shoot from Eric Doggett on Vimeo.

“Earlier this year, I was asked by the people at REAL Magazine if I would be interested in photographing Rob Thomas. “Whoa”, I thought. “Not that Rob Thomas,” I was quickly told. As it turns out, Austin has its very own Rob Thomas, and he’s the creator of the television show Veronica Mars (a show that I remembered my wife being fond of during its run from 2004-2007).

Rob decided that he wanted to turn Veronica Mars into a big, fancy movie. So, he came up with the idea of using Kickstarter to help fund the production, starting the campaign this past March. The original goal was to raise 2 million dollars, but by the end of April the project raised an amazing 5.7 million dollars, smashing through at least 5 Kickstarter records in the process.

REAL Magazine wanted to profile Rob and his success with the project, so I started sketching out ideas of what we could do. Rob was open to any kind of humor spin we wanted to put on the production, and I came up with an idea to have Rob running a lemonade stand, where he was selling props from the tv show to help fund the film. Who doesn’t remember having a lemonade stand when they were growing up? And thinking (if you were like me) that all you needed to do was sell a few cups and surely you’d have enough dough for a brand new toy.

We scouted out several locations around Austin and settled on a beautiful yellow house. It had a very neighborly charm to it and was the perfect fit for our lemonade stand scene. Rob brought along several personal items he he’d collected from the show to serve as our for-sale items. I also thought it would be funny if a kid was scootering by, acting indifferent to what was happening and going on about his day. This critical role was filled by my son, Trevor, who had no trouble scootering around as long as we needed him to. We also thought it would be funny to make the fundraising seem more dire for Rob by adding the Ferris-Bueller-inspired water tower in the background. You should always leave room for 1980’s film references in your photos.

After the main shoot was over, I took some individual shots of Rob that his public relations team could use for his promotion. This can be a great way to get additional money from a shoot to cover various things (like a behind-the-scenes video crew, which I used it for). Everything is pretty much as we shot it on location, although I did scale Rob and the table up a little bit, plus added the text onto the poster board.

This was my favorite shoot so far this year. It’s not often that you have a blank canvas staring at you for a client, and I was happy were able to turn it into a fun, memorable image!” – Eric Doggett


Who: Jennifer Boomer

Where: The Alcade

What: Lawn Rangers, Lawn Mower Racing

Who: Spike Johnson

Where: Vice Magazine (England and France)

What: “Friends in Low Places,” follows the lives of a group of US veterans living underneath downtown Houston in “The Caves”, a network of tunnels and alcoves that line Buffalo Bayou and nestle under the highways. “The Caves” house a loose group of individuals, veterans, an HIV positive security guard, and twenty five cats they’ve raised from birth. They wrestle with addictions to alcohol, crack cocaine, and prescription pain killers.

Join Jasmine DeFoore, freelance photo editor and marketing consultant, and Emily Kimbro, art director of the award-winning Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine, for a hands on workshop dedicated to shooting and editing a travel magazine feature story.

Class size is limited to 10 students.
Workshop will take place in Dallas, Texas, specific locations TBD. RESERVE YOUR SPOT HERE!



Friday, October 18

Emily and Jasmine will present specific examples of effective travel assignment photography and talk about the mix of images that are needed to create a strong story. They will give real world advice on what to look for when shooting on location, as well as tips for how to get a good mix of images that can be turned into a feature story photo essay.

Students will be given their assignments, which will include approximately 2-4 locations within one geographic area. Your shot list will include a mix of environmental portraits, landscapes, details and interiors.

Drinks and light refreshments provided

After  break, students will start working on their assignments.

Saturday, October 19

Morning til 1pm
Students continue shooting their assignments. Kimbro and DeFoore will make on location visits to preview what students have shot and give feedback on specific kinds of images to be making.

1pm – 5pm
lunch provided

Return to studio headquarters to edit work. Each student will receive 30 minutes of one on one editing time with Kimbro or DeFoore.

Each student will prepare a 20 picture edit that best shows the variety of images made. Kimbro and DeFoore will help each student edit that down to 10 pictures.

5 – 6pm
Drinks and light refreshments provided

Group slideshow: Each student will get a chance to show their 10 picture edit to the group and discuss the work, challenges and overall experience.

6 – 7pm

Marketing discussion and Q&A: DeFoore will present ideas for how to market your travel work to ad agencies, magazines and corporations. She will show specific examples of marketing efforts that work and answer your questions about marketing.

Kimbro will discuss how to get the attention of an art director, including how and when to pitch story ideas, showing portfolios and the best practices for sending email and print promos.

Class dismissed!

Emily Kimbro is the art director of Spirit magazine. For the past six years, she has worked with outstanding contributors on incredible stories across America. Emily assigns illustration and photography, produces shoots, and helps manage the look and feel of the magazine, all while designing most of the features and covers. Prior to this editorial paradise, she worked as a designer at Fossil. Emily earned a degree in Communication Design from Texas Tech University. Spirit, the magazine of Southwest Airlines, is published by Pace in Dallas, Texas.

Jasmine DeFoore is a photography marketing consultant specializing in expanding photographers’ businesses through smart marketing, PR, editing and presentation of work. Her marketing efforts have won PDN Self Promo Awards and her editing has helped photographers gain recognition from World Press Photo, American Photography and other elite competitions. Prior to starting her own company, she was a photographer’s representative and Director of Marketing at the award-winning agency Redux Pictures.

Photogroup Austin has expanded its space to offer 4,000 sq/ft. of studio and a brand new cyclorama wall. Come celebrate with them on September 19 from 6:30 – 9:00 pm. Details and RSVP here.

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WHERE: Scholz Garten – 1607 San Jacinto Blvd., Austin, Texas 78701

WHEN: Friday, September 20, 2013; 5:00 – 7:00 pm

WhoBrandon Thibodeaux 


Story: After losing children to a tornado, grieving parents in Oklahoma crusade for storm shelters.

Read what Brandon had to say about the shoot below.

It really made me look at parenthood in a completely different light

“I’ve worked for (formerly for a few years now.  As you would expect the portrait sessions were pretty intense.  For some of these families it was the first time they had spoken to the media, and among the group of 5 families I photographed one, the McCabe’s had lost their only child.  That one was especially difficult having to photograph Mr. and Mrs. McCabe sitting on their son’s bed with the door closed. It was intense and quite emotional. In all we spent three days photographing portraits of the families and documenting the aftermath of the storms. It really made me look at parenthood in a completely different light. The McCabes pointed out that, “If you lose your parents, society knows you as an orphan. If you lose your spouse, you’re a widower, or widow.  But if you lose a child, well, mankind never has developed a word for that. It’s just not supposed to happen.”- Brandon Thibodeaux 

Click here to read the story and view a slideshow of Brandon’s images.

OG of Luxury Mindz sent us his video project on Todd Sanders of Roadhouse Relics, a neon sign shop based-in Austin.

With nearly two decades of experience under his belt, Todd is completely self-taught and a true master of his craft. His handcrafted art is produced without the use of computer aided design preserving the unique American tradition even further.

Todd’s award winning pieces have appeared in The Museum of Neon Art, films by Robert Rodriguez, Esquire, Texas Monthly, Fast Company, HGTV and Southern Living. Celebrity clientele include Kings of Leon, Shepard Fairey, Norah Jones, Willie Nelson and ZZ Top.

Read below for what OG had to say about the project.

Todd Sanders STORYTLD from LUXURY MINDZ on Vimeo.

“This project was part of my personal short film series entitled STORYTLD (STORY TOLD). Todd and I met a couple of years ago and I immediately knew I’d be producing a short film on him one day. After spending the next couple of years traveling non-stop and touring with artists, I finally had the time to make it happen.

So many people out there can relate to Todd’s story and I knew it would provide them with reassurance to never quit as they work to develop their own.” – OG, Luxury Mindz