Andre Delacroix, Chef/Owner of the Brazos Belle Restaurant - Bur

Eric W. Pohl is an editorial and commercial photographer and native-Texan with a penchant for travel, food-culture and outdoor subjects.

Originally from Houston, Eric now makes his home in the Texas Hill Country, west of Austin. When not behind the lens or scouting a location, he can be found hiking, grilling and enjoying life with his wife, their son and three dogs. He’s also an outdoor enthusiast, a lover of barbecue and a Texas history junkie.

Eric is a travel writer and author of Houston, Texas: A Photographic Portrait (Twin Lights Publishers, 2014) and Texas Hill Country: A Scenic Journey (Schiffer Publishing, 2017).


Aaron Bates is an Austin-based photographer with a passion for the great outdoors and produces adventure, travel and lifestyle images.

He’s an advocate for conservation and a supporter of our national parks, state parks and all wild places in between. He strives to connect people to the great outdoors and encourages the preservation of what is all of ours through his work. Although much of his work is produced in the wild, he enjoys working with subjects that are more tame. Aaron has worked with Texas Monthly, Texas Parks & Wildlife, Texas Tourism, University of Texas and more. His work has also been featured in the Bullock Texas State History Museum and the Dallas Museum of Art.











We’re thrilled to share our latest t-shirt and poster design, celebrating Texas photography with a custom illustration of cameras past and present. Available in women’s tank tops and v-necks, men’s crew necks and posters. Also coming soon, tote bags! They make a great gift for the photography lover in your life (or for yourself)!

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Cameras of Texas Mug
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We’re looking for Instagrammers to join us in documenting every day life around Texas.

One photographer will take control of our Instagram account for 3 days, posting images of people, places, food, events, etc. that show us a glimpse of life in their part of Texas.

Rules? We don’t have many, but here they are:

  • Images must be made on your phone, shot in Texas and uploaded the same day
  • No overtly commercial posts. Please introduce yourself and your business in your first post, after that, skip the advertising.
  • Post about 3-5 pictures a day
  • Please keep things G/PG/PG-13. People of all ages follow this account.
  • No text overlays, no black backgrounds, no montages or collages. Just straight photos.

How do we choose instagrammers for the account?

  • First and foremost, we look at your instagram account to see what kind of visual style  you bring to the party. If your account is private, we won’t be able to consider you.
  • Photographers who propose interesting concepts or Texas destinations are always a plus!
  • We don’t recruit people to come and shoot, so all guest Instagrammers you see are people who contacted us to participate. Because of this, we don’t have much control over what Texas cities you
    see on the feed. Is your town underrepresented? Please submit your own account to shoot or encourage a talented friend to contact us! We’d love to see every corner of Texas and its people documented!

Ready to contact us?

Curious where people have posted photos from? He’s a totally incomplete snapshot based on erratic geolocation data (click image to see it larger):



ILTP Baton is inspired by the fantastic NYC Baton, which spawned the RDU Baton, and will surely lead to others around the world. Thanks to John De Guzman for sharing your brainchild with us!