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Nashville and LA based photographer, Jeremy Cowart is coming to Dallas THIS THURSDAY, August 16th. WELD is hosting his LifeFinder Tour.

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The Day will be broken up into to two parts.

First half begins with:

Jeremy’s Story and Background - He’ll walk you through his background in painting and graphic design, the early choices he made, the mistakes he made and stories of pure luck. Everyone’s path is different but there is certainly some good and bad lessons to be learned.

Vision Toolkit - Everyone ideally needs to have a unique visual style. You’ll discuss what it takes to build your own and why his early visual style kickstarted his career.

Personal Work - Personal work is more necessary than ever. He’ll discuss his personal work and how it’s translated into real-world commercial success but also how it remains more important to him than commercial success.

Inspiration and Staying Creative – He’s going to dive deep into the artists and ideas that inspire and motivate him and he’ll share how they did it all with little to no gear or expensive equipment. You’ll also discuss the steps to staying fresh and out of creative ruts.


The Second part of the day includes:

Having a guest client that is going to give him a secret, impromptu assignment that he’ll have to execute live in front of the class room. From beginning to end, you’ll see him execute a photoshoot on the spot. I’ll cover lighting, lighting equipment, composition, working with the subjects, RAW processing, photoshop tricks and whatever else the assignment might require of him.

You’ll be doing this because it’s real life. You have to learn how to improvise on the spot and make magic happen.

After you wrap our shoot, you will conclude the day with Jeremy talking about humanitarian work and the bigger reasons why he does what he does.


Address: 2410 Farrington, Dallas, Texas

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