Austin-based photographer Casey Dunn‘s recent work for Texas Monthly.

Dunn writes about his process:

“Last month I was commissioned by Texas Monthly magazine to photograph the new installation at Rice University by artist James Turrell.  Turrell is known for his architectural installations, referred to as “skyspaces.” These works illustrate the effect of color and dimension on how we perceive the world that our senses create around us.

Turrell says,”It’s about perception. For me, it’s using light as a material to influence or affect the medium of perception.”

Being that the subject was a work of fine art, I decided to approach the assignment with the goal of keeping my photography in the background as much as possible. With that in mind,  I studied the structure with the aim to represent the piece as honestly as possible while still creating a compelling photograph.

It was an exercise in restraint for me, both in the shooting process and in the post-production phase. The piece had such intentional vibrancy that the best thing I could do as a photographer was to stand back and let it speak for itself.”