Who: Justin Clemons

What: The Ticker & Wall Street Journal

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Justin Clemons ©

Justin Clemons ©

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Recent tears from Justin Clemons and his reflections on the shoot

DCEO for The Ticker
“After much brainstorming I came up with the idea that I could have him physically forming a CEO out of clay, with the idea that he is “molding” or “shaping” the CEO’s of tomorrow. The photo editor loved it, and I thought it turned out pretty successful”

.WSJ Mark Cuban
“Sometimes on TV he is very loud and in your face, and other times on Shark Tank he seems very easy going and kind even. Turns out I got the kind and patient Mark, which I was thankful for. We talked about Shark Tank, our kids and the Mavericks, it was really cool. I got three different looks with him in about 15 minutes and we were done. I do really like the image that WSJ picked”.