Publication: Life & Letters — Fall 2012
Art Director: Erin Mayes
Matt recently wrote to ILTP to tell us more about this project:

The article is about the Texas Policy project, an initiative to build and maintain an ever-evolving and up-to-date “online textbook” for government classes at UT. But, “It didn’t take long for the Texas Politics project to make its mark far beyond the university” — using a non-traditional approach to information and polling data, the TPP offered a never-before-seen approach that made it a go-to nationally for information about Texas politics and constituent trends.

The Texas Tribune and national news sources uses their polling resources. For this shoot, Erin Mayes of EmDash and myself collaborated on how to take an article that amounted to a single column, bigger in concept and presence.

Originally, we wanted to do some kind of high-concept play on polling, but after further discussion with the people at the heart of the article we decide that this was really a feature about getting information of the people, to the people. We enlisted James Henson, the director of the Texas Policy project at UT to be our subject for the image and played off a print of Aleksandr Rodchenko to convey the idea of a people movement.