Our very first I Love Texas Photo workshop was Saturday and couldn’t have gone better!  Thanks to Jody’s experience and openness, as well as amazing locations including Whitebox Studio, Sway, and Gourdough’s, our students received a truly engaging and valuable education.

Keep your eyes peeled for more workshops to come, as we have some fun plans for the fall!  We’d love to know what other workshops our community are interested, so drop us a line and let us know!

Jody shows recent client work to students at Whitebox Studio

Our first location for on site shooting, the fabulous Sway

Food stylist’s Meghan Erwin Hack’s tools of the trade

Glossing up the food mid-shoot

Meghan Erwin Hack talks about her favorite styling tricks she uses on a food shoot.

After a long day of shooting, students gathered back at Whitebox for editing. And Shiner Ruby Red.

One on one critiques at Whitebox.

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  1. Jody really is the best ~ looks like an amazing class!


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