Lisa is a makeup artist living in Austin,Texas but working all over the country for clients like McDonalds and Marie Claire.

How did you get started
I always loved make-up, hair, painting and creating things from a very young age. I was a “talent” in high school and college. I attended a modeling school in Cincinnati, Ohio where I was taught make-up application for auditions, runway, print, and broadcast. I fell in LOVE with that part of the process and just had a natural talent for it.   My modeling coaches saw that potential and started to have me help out.  Eventually I became the modeling agency’s  “make-up , hair, and wardrobe” instructor during college. At this time I also started working as a Regional Make-up artist for Lancome at their events. When I graduated college, I began working for Macy’s starting out in their buying program and just did make-up on the side. Finally after a career and two kids, I decided to get back into my first love “MAKE UP”.  I started taking all types of refresher classes and pro classes to update my skills. By this time we were living in Minneapolis (BRRRRRRRRRRRR) and I began testing with photographers and freelancing to build my portfolio.  After a few years, The Wehmann Agency in Minneapolis became my representation. Minneapolis was an incredible market in which to work. I was able to work for such top clients as Target, Best Buy, Marshall Fields, Dayton’s , 3M and many more.  Now I am living in Austin, Texas..couldn’t be happier or warmer.

 I began testing with photographers and freelancing to build my portfolio

Do you have a mentor in the field? 
All the greats;  Keyvn Aucoin, Dick Page, Pat McGrath, etc.

What has been your best career decision? 
To dive full time into becoming a professional hair and make-up artist!

What is your favorite thing about doing hair and makeup in Texas?   
I love meeting new people everyday, making them feel comfortable and relaxed so they can fully give the photographer that “shot”.  I love being a part of the creative process, meaning collaborating with the photographer, art director and client on getting the right feel and look and making their vision come to fruition. Working in Texas is wonderful because people you work with are truly nice and exceptional! Plus, I adore location shooting and Texas has an array of beautiful scenery!

I love meeting new people everyday, making them feel comfortable and relaxed so they can fully give the photographer that “shot”

Do you have a dream assignment? 
Actually, I’ve never thought about that. Hmmmm…I would be overjoyed to be able to have full creative license on an editorial shoot. Meaning I could pick the model, do the hair and make-up however I choose and also to do the wardrobe styling.  Anyone up for testing??

How do you stay motivated?    
Pure and simple, I’d rather work than not. That is how much I enjoy my job. It’s not a necessity, it’s a want for me!!

What was your first big break?  
That is so many years ago, let me think.  I would say when the modeling school hired me as their make-up instructor.

Was there one project that gave you that “ah ha” moment, where you knew this is where you wanted to take your work?
Again, I would say just being exposed to the industry when I became a talent.  I was able to see everything that goes along with the process and knew that I preferred to be behind the camera creating.

Who are you inspired by?
I’m inspired by many things and many people.  Colors, nature, clothing, magazines, landscape, interior design, photographers, models.

How do you define ‘success’ in your own career?
I’ve been blessed to work with some of the best photographers and clients from all over the USA .  “Success” to me is when the client, art director, photographer, and talent are thrilled with the results I was able to achieve .

What’s next? Any exciting projects coming up in 2012?
All the projects I get are exciting to me. I guess the newest venture for me is that I have just recently opened my services up to weddings.  It is so fun to work with the brides on the most important day of their life.  It’s such a happy occasion!!

Favorite bbq?
Rudy’s but it is because of their incredible potato salad!!

Favorite breakfast taco?
I make a mean breakfast taco myself.

Favorite libation?
Cosmo, yum

Do you collect anything?
Fashion magazines, surprised?

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