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All photos © Randal Ford

Austin-based Randal Ford, a contributor to Texas Monthly, recently photographed the magazine’s September 2012 cover. The story, “How to Raise a Texan” was illustrated by a gaggle of toddlers in cowboy boots. I was lucky enough to get to bring my sweet little toddler to the shoot, and although he didn’t make the final cover, it was a hilarious experience.

Watching Randal and stylist Bonnie Markel wrangle these little ones was a lesson in patience and having a sense of humor. As any parent of toddlers knows, it’s very hard pretty much impossible to get them to do what you want. Bonnie and Randal employed all sorts of tricks, like holding bubbles and inflatable Spider Man toys over the camera (while somehow avoiding bubble liquid spilling all over the gear!)

My little guy basically stood in one spot, staring at the strobes like a deer in the headlights. He’s obviously not made for photo shoots. Or wearing cowboy boots.

Here’s the behind the scenes video, shot and edited by Matthew¬†Lemke:

More about the story on the Texas Monthly Blog.


And an outtake of my little dude, who didn’t make the cut but sure mastered the toddler scowl:

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