Last Tuesday was a hot, hot day in New Braunfels, just perfect for a float down the refreshingly cool Comal River (72 degrees year round). Thanks to Jennifer Whitney, a gaggle of photographers and photo editors got together and enjoyed some beverages and relaxing. If you’d like to know about future ILTP socializin’, please like our facebook page. We’ll be planning some backyard slideshows as soon as the weather cools off a bit.

Here are some fun facts about tubing on the Comal:

  • At only 2.5 miles long, the Comal River is the shortest navigable river in the world. Locals call it “the longest shortest river in the world”.
  • Comal means flat dish in Spanish.
  • Only non-disposable containers are allowed on the Comal. Which is a good thing because apparently the poor river was getting really dirty with jello shot containers and other assorted crap. It’s so beautiful now though. No trash at all, except a couple of cigarette butts thoughtlessly tossed in. Who does that? Seriously! If you are one of those people I saw and you’re reading this, you suck.

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  • Corner Tubes has the best customer service. You park your car, they swipe your credit card on their iPad and then you’re on a bus, heading to the river.
  • There is a little waterfall at the beginning of the float. We did not know this and almost went over it, but luckily some very chivalrous little dudes guided us away. Thanks guys!


Hope to see y’all at our next Texas photo lovers get together!

All photos by Julia Robinson