Austin-based commercial photographer Eric Doggett was recently commissioned to shoot Adonit’s new “Create” campaign. From Doggett’s blog:

“Adonit is a tech company that makes incredible styluses and keyboards for iPads and iPhones. Their top product, the Jot Touch, connects via Bluetooth, meaning that it gives you pressure sensitivity on the stylus. I got my hands on one and enjoy using it.

The idea with the new campaign is that we are all creators at heart. The imagery is designed to showcase how people are using Adonit’s products in their own creations, regardless of their age/occupation/etc.

I worked with Adonit’s creative team to match each of their products with a use case. We had about 15 different scenario ideas, and we narrowed them down to the 6 shown here. Once each scenario was photographed, we went through various iPad images to decide what worked. It was a lot of fun to help layout each of these scenes, and I’m looking forward to doing more work with Adonit in the future!”