Jared Moossy is a Texan born documentary photographer based in Austin, Texas. He is represented by Redux Pictures in New York City and is a member of Razon Collective. Jared graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York City in May of 2008. His professional career has mostly been focused on changing the country of Afghanistan and the heightened tension of Mexico’s internal war on drugs.

Jared attended the Eddie Adams Workshop in 2008 and won the PDN Photo Annual and Marty Forcher fellowship fund in 2008. Jared was also awarded a place in PDN 30’s emerging photographers in 2009. He has worked with and been published in Newsweek, Time, The Wall Street Journal, Stern, Magazine, Conde Nast Traveler, Die Ziet, Focus, Spiegel, Amnesty International and several others.

Did you have a mentor?
Ron Haviv

Best career decision?
Going to Afghanistan before graduating college

Favorite thing about shooting in texas?
The light and the open sky.

Dream assignment?
Anything paid is a dream.. haha

Weirdest thing in your camera bag?
One handed tourniquet

Have you ever had to use it?
Have not and hope I never have too. But it’s always there in the event that I would need it.

Latest gear obsession?
Audio Recorders

How do you stay motivated?
My colleagues keep me motivated, by looking at new work and seeing their expression through the lens.

What was your first big break?
Still waiting on it?

Talk to us about how you established your personal vision? was there one project that gave you that “ah ha” moment, where you knew this is where you wanted to take your work?
I think my fine art background helps me in keeping a visual voice through my style.

I think my fine art background helps me in keeping a visual voice

Most helpful part of your ‘education’ that wasn’t photo related.
My painting classes. I think looking at the way you apply color and shape through canvas helps one see the way light falls.

All-time favorite photo books?
The Americans, Rocina, Winterise, Koudelka

Advice for someone starting out?
Take pictures everyday…. You should just be interested in light everyday.

You should just be interested in light everyday

Favorite bbq?

Favorite breakfast taco?

Do you collect anything?
I collect all kinds of things. Always something from places I visit. Always something for the shelf.

Hobbies outside of photography? aka how do you stay sane?
I ride my motorcycle. Best therapy I’ve found thus far.

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