Texas photographer Leon Alesi has a solo exhibition, Personal Space, at The Center for Fine Art Photography, Inc. in Colorado. 

ILTP: How did this show come about? Did you contact the gallery or did they find you?
Leon: I was offered this solo show by Gallery Director Hamidah Glasgow. I met Hamidah in January 2012 at the Center for Fine Art Photography where I had a piece in their juried show “Portraits.”  During opening weekend Hamidah did a portfolio review with me and was excited about my work. After that show I had a solo exhibition in July 2012, at Rayko Gallery in San Francisco which I was offered by Gallery Director Ann Jastrab, whom I had met at Fotofest, As gallery owners are wont to talk amongst themselves, Ann and Hamidah arranged shipment of my work from SF to Fort Collins.

ILTP: What is Personal Space about? How did this project come to be?
Leon: “Personal Space” is a series of portraits taken in people’s homes. I find that these private environments are rich in information and narrative and provide a unique honesty not found in any other setting. Witnessing the subtle ways one inhabits a space reveals inner details of the sitter which are enhanced by the intimate nature of the surroundings.

I hope to unveil a candid moment in which the subject is unguarded allowing for connection and intimacy

With this series of images I hope to unveil a candid moment in which the subject is unguarded allowing for connection and intimacy and a process of discovery shared by photographer, subject and finally viewer.

The final work is presented as large-scale color photographs. The size and intimacy of the pieces allow the viewer to gaze freely and construct their own fictional account of the scene, creating one where self-discovery, perception, individuality, and connection supply the context.

This project started several years ago as i was immersed in the task of becoming a better portrait photographer. I asked several friends to sit for me and started to see similarities between the images and the richness and the unending possibilities of storytelling.  Over the years the process expanded to include friends of friends and now includes my capturing subjects who fascinate me and who I feel will make an intriguing sitter. As my project grows in scope and in number, the story is unfolding of the documentation of Austin’s creative segment.